"Are you reluctant to invest in expensive simulation software and the training necessary to do the job yourself?"

"Do you have the simulation tools, but don't have the resources or expertise to get the job done?" 

We have industry experts and licensed engineers to meet your consulting needs and help you complete the job.  We can do the job for you or train you to do the job yourself.  Listed below are consulting services offered.  Please review our list of completed consulting projects or contact us for more info.

System Design / Facilities Planning

"Is your pipeline capable of delivering the required capacity?  If not, what facilities are the most appropriate to meet your long-term volume forecast?"

"Do you install additional pipe (loop) or do you add more compressors/pumps?" 

"If you are expanding the capacity of a liquid pipeline, do you inject DRA (drag reducing agents)?" 

There are many combinations of solutions that can satisfy your needs.  Each solution has an exclusive financial impact to your system.  First we examine the different design options from both an engineering and an operating point of view, then we perform a rigorous economic analysis to select the optimum set of facilities.  Facility addition costs can be very high, both initial capital expenditures and long term operating expenses.  Therefore it is critical that the best facility choice is made. 

We can show you the cost benefit, and savings, for choosing the proper set of facilities.   Please contact us for more info.

Surge Analysis

Pipeline surge is a pressure wave that results from sudden interruption in flow along the pipeline.  This can occur after events such as rapid valve closure, pump startup / shutdown or column collapse.  The energy of the moving liquid is dissipated into the system, usually in the form of increased pressure.  Such a change causes a rapid variation in flow conditions along the pipeline over a very short time frame. 

We can analyze your pipeline and determine if there is a risk of overpressure during pipeline surge.  If problems exist we can provide a list of mitigating options.  Please contact us for more info.

Pipeline Trainer Configuration

"Does your company own a Pipeline Trainer that is used to instruct gas and liquid control operators?"

"Does your Pipeline Trainer sit idle for extended periods of time because key personnel keep getting displaced?" 

We can assist you by updating and maintaining your pipeline training configuration models and designing operating scenarios. 

We can administer training to your operators using your Pipeline Trainer and then provide you with student progress, evaluations and grades.  Please contact us for more info.