Partial List of Consulting Projects*...

System Design Projects

  • Facilities planning study for AlintaGas (incl. volume forecasting, formulating design criteria and detailed facility optimization study), Perth, Australia
  • Facilities planning and design for Nova Gas Transmissions’ North and East Lateral system (approx. 6,000 km of pipeline and 128 MW of compressor power), Calgary, Canada
  • Winter design criteria formulation on the Nova Gas Transmission system, Calgary, Canada
  • Steady state and transient hydraulic analysis of crude and multi-product pipelines, Mexico
  • Pipeline modification project to transport an ethane-gasoline mixture within a multi-product pipeline, Argentina
  • Steady state and transient analysis of power plant supply pipeline, Dubai, U.A.E.
  • Steady state and transient analysis of pipelines on the Norse Pipeline system, United States
  • Steady state hydraulic analysis of the Bolivia to Brazil pipeline system
  • Steady state and transient analysis on proposed power plant pipeline, Tri-National Power, Mexico

Surge Analysis Projects

  • Surge study of propane, butane and condensate pipelines, Thailand
  • Surge study of crude and multi-product pipelines, Mexico
  • Surge study of ethane-gasoline and other multi-products pipeline, Argentina
  • Surge study of NGL pipeline, Enterprise Products, L.P., USA
  • Surge study of crude oil pipeline, All American Pipeline L.P., USA

Pipeline Trainer Configuration Projects

  • Natural gas and liquids operator training program Petróleos Mexicanos, Mexico City, Mexico
  • Natural gas operator training program; Transportadora Brasileira Gasoduto, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil