Key Benefits
Every day engineers and operators make decisions that affect the overall integrity and efficient operation of your pipeline.  Well-trained personnel help to protect and preserve the integrity and efficiency of your facilities.  Well-trained personnel are also more confident and motivated to carry out their daily activities.  Ensure that your employees are well versed by taking the best and most up-to-date training available.  Training can produce:

  • Increased pipeline revenue
  • Operational improvements and reduced risk of leaks
  • Improved confidence and employee morale

Training Capabilities
Training can be provided in on-site company facilities or at a fully equipped off-site location.  Chose between standardized training packages or customized training classes, built precisely for you.  Training is given by experienced industry professionals who are well versed in pipeline design and operations to ensure the greatest possible technology transfer.  Training classes are listed below.  Please review our completed training projects or contact us for more info.

  • Basic and Advanced Pipeline Simulator Training
  • Advanced Pipeline Design and Operations Modeling
  • Basic and Advanced Hydraulics for Engineers or Operators
  • System Planning and Optimization
  • Custom designed training classes