Leak Detection...

Leak Evaluations

"Are you needing to put together a leak incident report because your pipeline had a leak or rupture?"

We can help determine the events leading up to a rupture and calculate the product lost, or perform a sensitivity study to determine the leak detection performance that can be expected with the instrumentation in place.  Results can be used as a baseline, or compared with additional or upgraded pipeline instrumentation.  Please review our completed leak detection projects or contact us for more info.

Leak Detection Systems

"Are you considering installing leak detection equipment on your pipeline?"

Pipeline Design Solutions can provide you with the expertise needed to define your leak detection requirements and select the most appropriate vendor.  After vendor selection we can manage your project through the design and installation phases and provide the necessary staff training.  Please review the comprehensive list of services we offer shown below or contact us for more info.

  • Leak event re-creation
  • Leak sensitivity analysis
  • Instrumentation analysis, regulatory compliance and litigation support
  • Leak detection product selection
  • Preparation of contractual requirements
  • Performance metrics
  • Flow based leak detection technologies
  • Dedicated monitoring leak detection technologies
  • Environmental damage assessments
  • Basic and advanced training in leak detection, location and system qualification
  • Leak detection system project management