Ben Asante Ph.D, P.Eng.

Principal Consultant


Ben Asante holds the position of principal consultant with Pipeline Design Solutions, Ltd.  A licensed professional engineer with a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from the University of Calgary, in Canada, Ben has extensive experience in system planning and optimization of pipeline systems.  Specialization focuses on both single phase and multiphase fluid pipeline applications.

Prior to joining Pipeline Design Solutions, Ben was the Director of System Planning and Optimization at Enron Transportation and Storage.  Over the past 20 years Ben has acted in the capacity of project leader, technical lead and consultant on numerous pipeline projects within North American and abroad. 


Ben is an expert in the field of low volumes of entrained liquids in natural gas pipelines and has made multiple publications and technical presentations in his field.  Ben has also held positions with Nova Gas Transmission, Nova Gas International and the University of Calgary.